Wagner WallPerfect

Wagner WallPerfect utilizes the most innovative concept inside the do it yourself power decorating market. This group of 3 painting units have been designed for spraying internal wall surfaces and also ceilings, plus takes the place ofusing unpleasant paint brushes and also paint rollers.

A hallmark associated with this Wagner WallPerfect model range selection is definitely the distinctive spray pattern that imitates the result of rolled paint surface finish which happens to be ideal for any time pre existing painted surface area touching ups are needed.


Spray Painting

Spray painting can really be an outstanding technique of laying paint on broad areas quickly and also evenly. Making use of spray painting devices is certainly also a quick way to get a quality finishing coat which is usually challenging to achieve when putting on acrylic by traditional brushing and rolling.

Sprayer painting allows applying of heavier film builds that is achievable anytime you are putting on coatings using a painting brush.


HVLP High Volume Low Pressure

HVLP high volume low pressure spray guns attract a lot of attention due to their lower paint over spray figures. The basic principle of HVLP spray guns is that instead of a paint stream exiting the spray gun being atomised with high air pressures the stream of paint leaving the spray guns fluid nozzle is atomised with a much larger volume of compressed air at much lower pressures that typical conventional air spray guns.


Star New Century V3 EVOT4000 LVLP

Star New Century V3 EVOT4000 LVLP Gravity Spray Guns

Popular Star New Century V3 EVOT4000 LVLP (low volume low pressure) gravity feed spray guns are a great tool for high quality spray painting at affordable prices. Online spray equipment store Spray Paint Equipment carries the entire Star New Century V3 EVOT4000 LVLP range at prices even further reduced from suggested trade pricing.


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