Air Fed Breathing Mask

Coatings, solvents, pesticides, along with other materials atomised with a spray gun could be dangerous if breathed in or if allowed to make contact with any part of your body. Spray gun atomised vapours can cause severe nausea, fainting, or poisoning and cause longer term adverse health complications.

Always use a respirator or air fed breathing air filtration mask when spray painting to avoid harmful particles being breathed in.

Read all manufacturer instructions and technical data prior to using a breathing air mask to be certain that breathing mask is designed to supply the necessary protection with the airborne materials where you are working.

Also always wear protective eye wear or full face visor at all times and wear protective clothing to cover your skin as required by the coating manufacturer.

The greatest protection for your breathing will be a full face air fed breathing mask in conjunction with breathing air quality filters attached to an air compressor. Full face air fed breathing mask systems protect your entire face with Perspex shield and very finely filtered compressed air is pumped into the face visor which is sealed against your face creating a positive pressure to ensure you are always breathing clean filtered air.

Air Fed Breathing Mask With Filters

For smaller tasks or in areas where compressed air is simply not available. It may be possible to fully protect your breathing air by wearing a passive device fitted with particle and carbon charcoal cartridges to filter all air you inhale. Always consult both that breathing mask manufacturers technical data in conjunction with the paint or coating or fluid manufacturers technical data to ensure this style of passive breathing protection will be adequate to protect your health while spray painting.

Particle filters alone are not considered at all satisfactory protection against vapours that will be in the air while spray painting.