Paint Pressure Pot

Spray painting with a pressure pot is a great way of improving production rates when using air spray guns especially in industrial environments.

The two main benefits of using a paint pressure pot are firstly the capacity of paint is increased meaning the paint will not be required to stop is often and replenish the paint reservoir and secondly by removing the paint reservoir from the actual spray gun head that the spray painter is holding means wages reduced considerably and the capability to manoeuvre the spray gun head into any vertical or horizontal position is suddenly achieved.

Paint pressure pots operate by compressed air pressure which does not have to be that high be applied to the tank holding the paint. A paint pickup pipe inside the pressure pot extends to the bottom and air pressure entering at the top of the pressure tank forces paint up the pickup pipe and through flexible hose to the spray gun.

Paint pressure pots are essentially very simple passive devices where apart from a lid seal and some sort of pressure regulating device there is very little maintenance required apart from essential cleaning. Many larger paint pressure pots above for litres in size feature a handy removable liner into which paint can be poured and then at completion the liner can be simply lifted from the paint pressure pot to ease the return any remaining paint to original container without the need to lift the entire pressure tank.

Another benefit when using a paint pressure pot is that much higher paint delivery rates can be achieved with typically much higher spray pattern fan widths provided a quality pressure feed spray gun is used.

Spray Painting Pressure Pot Kit

In most cases any good-quality brand name siphon feed spray gun can also be used when attached to a paint pressure pot although to maintain adequate atomisation fluid flow rates and spray pattern fan widths will usually need to be maintained within the vicinity of the spray gun when used with a suction feed pot.